batlh Daqawlu'taH. DaH Hegh.

For all I know, the character sequence below is utter nonsense, as opposed to a legitimate sentence in the Klingon language.

At any rate I hope I haven't deeply offended any Klingons, as I understand that that can be quite dangerous.

The characters were generated by using GF2GIFs on a metafont available at A TrueType version of this font is also available from Eagle Fonts. Unfortunately the characters don't seem to correspond to those described at the Klingon Language Institute, the Klingonska Akademien and elsewhere.

Now, this next sentence uses GIF images generated with GF2GIFs from a METAFONT file named This file is referred to on the KLI site, and is available at


This kind of confusion clearly indicates the need for better standardization.